100 Days of Writing with London Writer’s Salon

Let’s finish 2021 strong!

2 min readSep 23, 2021
Source: London Writer’s Salon

I'm part of a writing group called the London Writers' Salon, and they launched a #100DayProject (details here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/replay-100-days-56450323.)

The idea is to set an intention for one thing you want to cultivate over the next 100 days.

Some guiding questions:

  1. Who is your future self? Who do I want to be at the end of these 100 days?
  2. What do you want from your 100-day project?
  3. Brainstorm: (a) make a list of all the potential projects, (b) with your guiding rules in mind, rank your top 3, and (c) choose ONE to commit to during this time.
  4. Make a plan. What is your goal? When will you do the work? Put it into your schedule in a concrete way.
  5. Forecasting obstacles: What might stop you? Make a list of potential roadblocks. What can you do to avoid or mitigate against each obstacle?
  6. How will you stay accountable?
  7. What's your very next step? Do it now.

Fill in this sentence:

My 100 days project is ___

My guiding rules are. 1. __, 2.___, 3.___

This is important to me because ____

Here is mine:

My 100 Days project is to write 500 words a day and to send out an email once a week with writing excerpts from my book.

My guiding rules are 1. Creation, 2. Connection 3. Commitment.

This is important to me because there is a story I want to share with the world. I want to develop as a writer and I want to advance the field of mind-body medicine and chronic illness.

Anything goes.

The writing group is focused on creative work, but creativity requires a foundation. Maybe you want to feel healthier and eat more nourishing food, or you want to sleep better and cut out screen time before bed. Maybe you want to work on relationships or invest in making your home feel like home. And maybe you want to develop your art, share your writing, play more music. Try to choose one main goal.

Whatever it is, and whenever you start, post it below in the comments! Let’s support each other.