A game of ‘I spy’

Orienting to the environment through sight

2 min readAug 22, 2021


In a comfortable location, take a look around. Find three things that look pretty good to you. Write them down, and give a word or two about what you notice of their physical description (pink, smooth, round, bright, etc.)

Source: The End of Trauma: Re-sync your psychology through Organic Intelligence (Steve Hoskinson). Workbook, exercise #2

Setting: I am at home, in the living room now and sitting on two cushions on the floor.

I spy: the color turquoise, in many shades and shappes.

The painted wall, a deep blue green that brings to mind the image of the sea. A bright color, especially now in the pre-sunset hours when the light is golden and beckoning.

The rectangular yoga block, a pale turquoise color, with softer texture.

The multicolored sheet that covers the beanbag chair in the corner.

The scarf hanging out of the backpack. The scarf is turquoise with a white pattern, white dots that circle around each other, like a flower coming into bloom.

The carpet in the kitchen, which is different shades of turquoise woven together. When Matulda was here she peed on the carpet, twice at least, and even after putting in the washing machine, the smell of cat lingered. I kept the carpet in the shelves on the porch for months, and only recently took it out again. It smells like a carpet now, which is to say, I don’t bend my nose down to smell it very often, but it doesn’t have an obvious pee-scent anymore.

I spy: green, from above and below.

The plants hanging from the staircase, the branches long and leaves full. The green of plants is the color of life.

The osprey bag on the floor, a fluorescent green, bright in a different way fron the leaves above. A highlighter green color. It is the same shade as the mascara bottle on the table, a lively artificial green that catches the eye, with the words ‘Climp Crusher by lashblast’ written in silver letters.

I spy wood.