A Walk in the Forest

2 min readJul 29, 2021

I spy…

a black boar

I’ve been seeing wild boars, grunting and shuffling loudly near the trees. They move in small groups of three to five and when one makes a sound, the others turn to see why.

I’ve been seeing cows, standing noble and shy along the hills. There are white cows and tan cows and a few of a deep black with white patches. When they hear me come by, they stare and sometimes move away.

gentle friends

I’ve been seeing trees, so many, so beautiful, curved and swaying and celebrating the sunlight. They stand stable and rooted. Sometimes I stop and place my hand against the bark, gently touch the leaves or the pines.

a tree and shadow me

I’ve been seeing light, brilliant and expansive, illuminating the hills and the trees and the every-where. During the day the heat is strong and dry. In the evening, the air feels cool and pleasant. The sky brightens with pink purple light blue hues, and the sun is fire blazing, making its descent.