3 min readJul 5, 2021

Twenty five minutes a day

Don’t think about it too much, it’s twenty five minutes of the hand moving and the mind is moving too, its always moving, its

twenty five minutes a day, this is the pact, a daily act,

a free write free word free form free flow, don’t think too much, let it go

I met a woman on the bus, was it two, almost three weeks ago?

her name is Esther, and today we met again. an unlikely friendship on the surface, a friendship guided by soul connection. it happens.

she is in her sixties about. a widower, she lives alone in a small apartment in a haredi neighborhood in the city of Tzfat, the place of mystics and earth and air.

she is an artist, a painter. she is more than that, she wears many hats, as they say.

when she was younger she lived in Yafo for two years with a friend, together they started a meditation center. it was intensive, strict. an hour of meditation in the morning, her friend guided the meditations.

ten minutes have passed, will you continue writing? you must. it can be slow. it can be whatever it is. it is what it is what it Is is what

the meditations were all about, she told me, Be Here Now, it’s a powerful thing to be here now, except they way they did it was harsh, it held no space for the past. she found that it was hurting her memory. she had a great memory before, and now with the alwaysbeherenow the past was fading away.

today I saw trees, great and green and swaying, the trees they always are in movement.

today I was in movement, I woke up early and went for a walk, and then again in midday, and again with Esther, my unlikely and of course friend.

wisdom in the trees

what do you do with all the memories? the words said and written and swaying in the head, the mind is tilting with thoughts, off-balance.

it’s all about balance.

and it is a slow, a slow steady path to balance. the quick fix does not last, the extreme ways the rush to enlightenment, of course it has Good in its path, take in the Good and be discerning of the lack.

this morning I was dizzy, motion sickness with the waves that came from within without, the waves are always there, the waves will move you in ways you aren’t ready for.

are you ready now?

it’s five more minutes on the clock, less even.

it’s nighttime now and the air is cool, it was cloudy today and the air was cool and fresh, a refreshing day in the midst of the heavy heat of summer.

it’s summer, sun beating bodies overheating and I’m sitting here, in the home of a friend, surrounded by my papers and supplies and books I’m reading, I’ll be here for six weeks, this is just the beginning

the seconds tick past, I watch the numbers change, the alarm clock goes off,

did it pass slow or fast, it’s

what emerged (in twenty five minutes)