Forget feeling ‘ready’ to start something new.

You’ll never feel ‘ready.’ But are you resourced? This is the question you should be asking instead.

1 min readJul 31, 2021

I always think I need to know everything in order to start. I need to have read and researched x, and learned y, and finished making z and onward, in order to finish preparing. I need more time. I’m not ready.

It’s the perfectionism and anxiety and imposter syndrome combined, telling me that I can’t start yet.

That’s afraid of… what? That people will see how I’m doing a shit job at it and that I’m failing and that it’s boring and not original and contradicts the idea in my head that I am brilliant?

I can still be brilliant in the future, keep the dream alive. But I got to start, which means accepting that I won’t be ‘prepared’ or ‘ready’ and the time is now.

Am I resourced?

A feeling is transient and ever changing. An action is tangible and definite. If I want to start a new project or do anything that is difficult, cannot use my feelings as a benchmark for action, but I can listen to their call for the right preparation and time.

Do I have the foundation and support I need to begin?

This includes feeling stable in:

  • health (mental, physical)
  • sleep, diet, movement
  • home
  • relationships


  • guidance
  • plan of action
  • tools/skills

— — that’s twenty five minutes and I’m calling it for tonight. Gotta go resource up.