I Don’t Care If It’s Shit. Finish It.

Daily tips for the disorganized perfectionist.

2 min readSep 10, 2021
Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

As a disorganized perfectionist, one of my greatest challenges is actually getting something done. I have many ideas — I can happily brainstorm and imagine away, but I struggle with following through.

It doesn’t help that there is always a way to distract myself or a valid reason available for why I should do x instead, or I’m not ready for y.

I could, should, rewrite these sentences. I could, should, write something different.

I’m tired. I can’t do this now. I should get a coffee. I should leave here. I don’t know what I’m doing.

Do you hear those voices too?

Here are some tips for when you don’t know what to do:

  1. Set a goal — and aim low. In this case, my goal is to write and publish a post. Write words. Click ‘Publish.’ My goal is to show up and practice, without any expectations regarding the content or quality.
  2. Set a time frame. In this case, setting a time for twenty five minutes and sticking to it. Having a time frame could also mean putting a task in the calendar (ie 11am writing time) or deadline (it will be done by 9pm tonight).
  3. Set your priorities. And write it down.
  4. One Thing at a Time. There is a limitless amount of things that could be done at any time. I can only do one thing at a time.
  5. Check in with yourself. How is the body feeling today? How about the mind? The emotions?
  6. Get over yourself. It’s not original. It’s not the great, either.
  7. Remove distractions. The phone, man! And the apps, the social media. It’s designed to keep up addicted. Whatever it is that is a source of distraction, try to remove it from your environment, or move yourself.

8. Keep your word. If you said the goal is to write something for 25 minutes and publish it, then that’s it. Edit later if you desire. There’s always space to improve. But I don’t care if it’s shit, whatever it is you are trying to do, follow through and finish it.

and that’s time! its been 25 minutes