Listening to the Body

Tonight I give you permission to Be

2 min readJul 24, 2021
hi there body

Tonight I give myself permission to say No.

To decide not to go, even to something that I would enjoy.

Tonight I will ask myself: what would be the best thing for me?

Sometimes it is to rest. To move slow, to stay at home.Another time it may be to go out. To move, to dance, and not to be alone.

Tonight the body is asking for ease.

The self is wanting to just Be, to sit with gentle kindness and the depth of silence.

Tonight I feel lonely, and with the loneliness, I am not alone.

Tonight I feel uncertain. Should I go out, or is it okay to stay at home?

It’s okay to stay in.

It’s okay to need rest.

And I know that I am always trying my best.

An ode to my body:

hello my body,

you beautiful body

who is wild and wishful and youth.

good evening my body,

how are you today?

thank you for always

speaking my truth.

you are weary, you say.

what do you need?

is it food, is it rest, is it simply to be?

i’m grateful to you,

you strong capable body

for the way you are always

taking care of me.