Texting Etiquette, TBD

I received a text from a stranger. Now I’m overthinking it.

1 min readSep 13, 2021
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I received a text the other day, from a number I didn’t recognize, with no picture to match.

“Hi, how are you?” the message was written in Hebrew.

“Ron, nice to meet you 😃. I know this sounds strange, I just saw you in a whatsapp group and I had to tell you that you intrigued me :). Or do you prefer that I send photos first?”

Things like this have been happening to me more often. I’m not sure what it says about me, or about the men in my demographic, or about the comedies and incongruities of life.

I have been putting it out to the world that I want to meet someone (do you hear me, Life? I’m ready for love!), and these messages feel a bit like Life responding, in a clumsy fashion, through clumsy-looking men who I am never sure how to reply to.

This is all to say for today. Tomorrow, perhaps, the story continues.

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