Today we practice Following Through

2 min readJul 10, 2021

Today we practice Following Through

which is: doing what you said you would do

(even when you don’t want to).

Today we practice showing up, taking action. It’s one step at a time.

it’s not about it being perfect (and it doesn’t need to rhyme).

You had an idea, it’s waiting to take form.

It’s asking for release. It’s ready to be born.

Today we practice Letting Go

which is a choice, an act, an art.

You don’t need to prepare. Now is the time to start.

You don’t need to feel ready. You don’t need to get advice. You don’t need anything really. It doesn’t need to feel nice.

(and this phrasing, with the ‘need’ing. Let go of this, too.

snd the structure of what you’ve written, it can morph can flow can be a mess a mash of things, it doesn’t matter, still keep at it. You showed up, this is the first step, keep going.

This is how you Follow Through).

// eight more minutes on the clock, what do you say?

here’s another daily practice that I do everyday:

Today is the best day of my life, I write in my journal. Now it’s already the evening, so we’ll modify: Today is the best night.

it’s a little corny and quite effective

at helping me begin the day right.

(what is ‘right?’ is there such a thing? don’t we live in shades of grey? (…oof word associations arise, don’t make the comment you were going to say))

a minute on the clock. that’s cool. that means

that soon I can turn off the computer. be without the screens.


maybe I’ll reread this later, or not. either way

that was twenty five minutes.