What’s Something You Haven’t Tried But Should?

Now I want to go on a glassblowing-tapdancing-scuba diving spree.

2 min readAug 2, 2021
expansive world

Here are the things I haven’t tried:

  1. Fish. I eat canned tuna, and that’s it. I haven’t tried salmon or sushi or even tuna cooked properly. I am hoping that as I age, my palate will become more sophisticated. Or at least be more open to fish.
  2. Scuba diving. Also skydiving, surfing, skateboarding, bungee jumping, rugby, tap-dancing, pole-dancing.
  3. Submitting writing to be published. We’re working on this one.
  4. Selling artwork. (We’re working on deciding whether we are working on this one)
  5. Woodworking. Glassblowing. Pottery. There’s so many things to try!
  6. Karaoke. But I think if the opportunity presented itself, I would. In the past that wouldn’t have been true.
  7. Volunteer to go first. Or volunteer when someone wants to demonstrate something. Or voluntarily do anything that means being the center of attention.
  8. Converting my drivers license to an Israeli license. Actually, I haven’t tried driving for over six years. This is one that should change.
  9. Learning Spanish. Or Russian, or Arabic, or many many languages. Again, so many things to learn!
  10. Committing to practicing Hebrew. I’ve been in Israel for five and a half years, and still in conversations I switch to English, or will begin by speaking in English.
  11. Kissing a girl. Just putting this out there.
  12. Starting a fire. Like, literally. I’ve gone camping, but I’m never the one to start the fire. I think I could get something started.
  13. Baring my thoughts on the internet, in an unfinished and hodgepodge manner. (jk… and that’s twenty five minutes)

Prompt: What’s something you haven’t tried but you should? (Source: Creators Hub)