What’s Stopping You?

Speaking to the fears, listening to the feelings. It’s a practice.

1 min readJul 14, 2021
Peering into the shadows

To you with the scattered thoughts, chaotic mind -

your thoughts unfashioned and unfinished.

You want to think clearly, to finish things and follow through -

What do you feel that’s stopping you?

It’s fear. (hello fear, what are you afraid of?)

It’s perfectionism. (it’s not about ‘perfect’, it’s always in process)

It’s anxiety. (anxiety and fear, they travel together, welcome and welcome)

It’s indecision. (it doesn’t matter what you decide, make a decision)

It’s self-sabotage. (let’s call this Old Habits, or Old Patterns, instead)

It might feel like sabotage, like self-destruction. What if it was borne from a habit of self-preservation?

It might appear as procrastination and uncontrolled impulse. What if it is a learned pattern of self-soothing, or self-protection?

It’s feeling stuck. (it’s afraid to change)

It’s feeling not-enough. (that voice of judgment, and shame)

It’s feeling overwhelmed. (there are so many things to do at once)

It’s feeling all the feelings, it’s feeling toomuch.

It is asking for patience. For practice, and again. For one step at a time.

(We start with twenty five minutes.)