Why Do I Write Here for 25 Minutes a Day?

Grounding through the small goals. (Practice practice!)

2 min readAug 19, 2021

I keep questioning why I’ve decided to do this, to write for 25 minutes on medium and post it.

I mostly don’t feel like it, I have 57890 other things big and small to do instead with my time and endless ideas for articles that would take more than twenty five minutes to write. The things I post are usually unedited or self-referentially annotated, and I am surprised if it is read by anyone.

All of which is to say: these are the reasons I decided to do this, to commit to 25 minutes a day and publishing what comes out.

I love to write. I live in my writings. My home is filled with journals and papers and notes, my computer is a repository for endless files, and my phone too. Writing is my way of speaking to myself, and to life. It’s how I absorb and engage with what is around me, and it is how I integrate y experiences, thoughts, everything — it’s an endless process of taking in and integrating. It’s a generative process as well, a way to explore ideas and connect the puzzle pieces of sensations and thoughts and information.

As an highly sensitive person and an introvert who often feels overwhelmed by the everything of sensations and thoughts and information and noise of life, writing has been a place of refuge. As a child and an adult with chronic health conditions, writing has been a way of taking control of my health, and a path toward healing.

I didn’t start this because I’m not writing. I’m writing — endlessly, self-referentially, incoherently, the journals and papers and notes are multiplying and the big ideas and projects keep expanding into ever greater abstractions.

Twenty five minutes. It doesn’t matter if I don’t feel like it, or how many other things there are to do. It can be an unedited self absorbed jumble that no one reads, including myself.

It’s a practice, and a training. I love to write, it is time to write in engagement with the world, which means writing to share. It is time to move from abstract ideas to actualizing and expressing the ideas, which means following through.

So step by step by step,

the words can be repetitive, life lives on repetition.

Take the step (and keep step stepping),

the actions will strengthen through repetition.

(and that’s 25 minutes)