Writing Into The Void

Hello, void. Thank you for your spaciousness, you empty home to everything.

2 min readJul 11, 2021
Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash

Creation versus Consumption

The goal of my writing project is to create content.

Create, not consume.

I feel full, overfull from consumption — and yet there is always more. We are exposed to an endless amount of information and distraction.

There can be value in the information, but only if there is space for it. I’m out of room. There is not enough energy to digest and integrate everything coming in.

It’s a pattern I watch myself fall into again and again — consume to a point of excess, lack the energy to create, and in a state of lethargy, consume again.

Opening my computer today, I intended to go straight here — write for twenty five minutes! Except I forgot about the tabs left open last night, the pages I was beginning to read or follow up on ‘for later.’

My own mess of writings spread out in different documents (yes, re-reading old journal entries etc is another form of mindless consumption if I approach it happenstance when I don’t have the resources to do something with it).

And on Medium, the home page is full of suggestions especially curated for my likes and interests, ie. writing and self-help productivity articles that give pithy tips on how to write more, better, and earn money.

The articles have click-bait attractive titles and clear points and are easy to read and this is tootootootoomuch, I’m full!

Anyway. This is last one I read (‘Writing into the void is the first step to success’), and it feels apt. It’s a pat on the back, a self-reminder of what I want to do and why.

So hello, void. Thank you for your spaciousness, you empty home to everything.

Here’s another bite sized something for you to consume.

It shouldn’t be more than a 1 or 2 minute read, but know that it was written in twenty five minutes.